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Before my daughter, Sophia was fortunate to be accepted into MP Talent late last year, I had been on the look out for an agency that I hoped would guide my daughter well in pursuing her dream of performing. I was directed by friends to look into MP talent. I began following MP talents facebook page. I was immediately taken back by the care and exuberance Mia shared with everyone when one of her kids was offered anything from a casting call, audition, call back and role. It showed me how much she loved her job and her love for children.

Since joining MP Talent, I consider myself so fortunate to have Mia as Sophia’s talent agent. Mia is such a support and guide to Sophia. I have absolute trust that my daughter is in the right hands to help her succeed in her dream. Mia is there when ever Sophia or myself needs her. She is such a wonderful person to have in our lives.

I am certain I share these feelings with everyone in MP talent

- Kylie

Mia I would like to say thank you for all your support and advice you have given to Chloe, Charlie and Ruby. You are a true professional in every sense of the word. Your dedication to your talent base is remarkable and we are very lucky to be a part of the MP Talent family.

Thank you again

- Kate

My son’s passion for TV/film production & acting is nurtured so well with Mia Perry and her talent agency MP Talent.

From the very first contact my son and I had with Mia, through her well-presented flyer advertising her new business, to the phone call with her to arrange an interview, right through to the face-to-face interview, where she treated my son with the utmost respect and professionalism, Mia’s love for her job and the industry she represents shone through.

Mia is always friendly and smiling. I can even hear her smile in her voice when she rings me to book a gig for my son. Her joy when an audition is successful, is genuine, and when an audition doesn’t go the way we expect, she is able to lift the spirits of my son with her wonderful sense of positivity.

Mia communicates well with us, always advising us of how her business is going, and sharing all her success stories through email, and her MP Talent Facebook page. My son and I find this inspirational to see how successful her clients are becoming.

My son has had some very successful acting gigs, and we love knowing that Mia of MP Talent is the fantastic agent doing all the hard work behind the scenes to support my son’s career. Mia is running a very successful talent agency that is a pleasure to do business with

We are glad we found MP Talent

- Kellie

Thanks to MP Talent, my boys have had the most amazing experiences. They have learned so much, about both the entertainment industry and themselves. Mia is wonderful to work with, and I absolutely recommend her!

- Rebekah

My son was accepted into MP Talent last year for the first time. I must admit I was a little apprehensive at first about joining a talent agency but I have to say that my apprehension was very quickly alleviated once we started to work with Mia Perry. She is extremely professional and committed to what she does. We have received very personalised attention, care and respect and have really enjoyed working with her.

We have had a wonderful experience with Mia Perry (MP Talent), she runs her business with dedication, integrity and great care. Her attention to detail, prompt communication and follow up is excellent. It is wonderful that she has developed her business to give children from the outer suburbs opportunities they may not have received otherwise. Her warm and friendly personality is very embracing and I believe an integral part of her success

- Bronwyn

In the short time we have had our kids involved with MP Talent, we have found MP talent to be very professional, organised and connected to the performing arts world. Working in this field ourselves we understand the pressures and difficulties behind running a business of this sort. Mia is an extremely talented agent who not only knows the industry well but also has a great way of making the kids feel relaxed and be at their best when auditioning. We highly recommend MP Talent to any other parents out there who are interested in getting their children involved in the performing arts industry

- Belinda

In a cut-throat industry, MP Talent manages to do the almost impossible of maintaining a ‘family feel’ with clients. Mia does this with ease as she really cares about her talent– an essential trait when said talent are children and their families.

Mia goes the extra mile to look out for our children and make sure their needs are paramount while encouraging their passions and fostering their creativity. We are so happy to be a part of the MP Talent family

- Renee

Becoming a part of MP Talent has been an absolutely fantastic experience for my family. All of our experiences with Mia to date have been wonderful. Mia is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of the acting business.

She is always efficient, honest and I am extremely impressed with Mia's work ethic and dedication to her talent. Mia clearly has a passion for what she does and her desire to help young actors grow and develop shines through.

I know that my children will continue to benefit in their acting careers by being a part of her wonderful agency

- Kerry