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We kick-start careers for talented kids in the areas of film, television and musical theatre. We work alongside you, throughout childhood and adolescence in a long-term collaboration. The aim is to have our kids ascend into adulthood with a sound knowledge of the industry and a proven body of work. It’s all about the journey, not the race, for us.

MP Talent provides professional talent management for kids.

Our management style is genuine and tailored to suit the goals and dreams of our kids.

MP Talent is nurtured and driven with passion and commitment.

Our talent base is bursting with fresh, creative and talented actors, dancers and singers aged 5-17 years.

We value career longevity, therefore we value careful consideration and individual tracking in talent development.

We value quality projects with amazing creatives attached, therefore we guide our talent to make worthwhile work choices. We value industry credibility, therefore we require our talent to stand tall alongside their body of work and let that do the talking, rather than encourage our children to develop a social media following or jump on the latest trend. We treat every child as if they will one day want to continue to develop their career as an adult and therefore we appreciate that every decision made in your childhood career will effect and shape that in some way.

Mia Perry (nee Miriam Allen) spent 8 years working at one of the most well respected talent agencies in the country before she branched out on her own.

It was under the guidance of industry mogul Aran Michael that Mia ran the highly successful talent agency Barry Michael Artists and then won the role of the head of the film and television department working as a senior talent manager for Aran Michael Management.

After the birth of her first child, Mia made the decision to focus on representing children in entertainment and in 2012 MP Talent was launched, and then driven, with passion and commitment, fast becoming the ‘go to’ agency for talented children.

Having spent over 20 years as an Agent (and counting), Mia has booked thousands of jobs for countless talented performers. Many of whom have gone onto have very successful, high- profile careers both nationally and internationally in film, television, theatre and musical theatre.
Mia has developed relationships with U.S management and has in turn shared representation with agents and managers in LA, having select children auditioning in both the US and Australia simultaneously.

Having been a professional dancer prior to her time as an agent, Mia understands the complexities of the entertainment industry from every angle.

She graduated on scholarship from Dance World with a Diploma in Dance majoring in Performing Arts, appearing in film clips, TV commercials, dancing on the Aria Awards, Live & Kicking, The Footy Show and the Micallef Program. She was a dancer for the NBL Melbourne Tigers, performed corporate and commercial work locally and interstate and was a back-up dancer for artists such as Tina Cousins, Rhonda Burchmore, Ilanda, Joanne BZ, Vika & Linda Bull and Tony Lee Scott. Branching into teaching dance and choreography over the next ten years, Mia choreographed for the National Basketball League, Robbie Williams Cover band and Proline Promotions, also producing a variety of different floor shows, functions & choreography for dance schools; as well as being hired regularly to adjudicate at dance festivals throughout the state.

Mia prides herself on having her kids best interests at the heart of every negotiation and conversation and recognises that there is no room for error when dealing with little people finding their way in an unfamiliar, adult based industry.
  • In a cut-throat industry, MP Talent manages to do the almost impossible of maintaining a ‘family feel’ with clients. Mia does this with ease as she really cares about her talent– an essential trait when said talent are children and their families.

    - Renee

  • Mia I would like to say thank you for all your support and advice you have given to Chloe, Charlie and Ruby. You are a true professional in every sense of the word. Your dedication to your talent base is remarkable and we are very lucky to be a part of the MP Talent family.

    - Kate

  • Mia is an extremely talented agent who not only knows the industry well but also has a great way of making the kids feel relaxed and be at their best when auditioning. We highly recommend MP Talent to any other parents out there who are interested in getting their children involved in the performing arts industry

    - Belinda


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